Husbands… (am I right??)

So.  Been in this house a little under two years.  Just a small factoid you may need to reference in a minute or two after you read the following.

We were hit with a storm Saturday night and it took out the cable/internet.  Apparently it must’ve done a lot of damage in Texas because I was actually stood up by the cable guy last night…. even though they have a 4 hour window to work with.  And yes it sure did feel like being stood up since I got no notifications letting me know things were behind schedule or not on track and for the majority of the night (after my best friend Amanda left anyways) I was alone since Mike was on a business trip to Boston.  [I can say this now without worry since by the time the post is published he’ll be back]

I called AT&T and after 598,763 menu options I was directed to an actual human being who then had to place me on hold upward of 18 minutes while she tried to contact Texas dispatch (like I said – storm must’ve been bad because they seem crazy busy).  Turns out they would offer me a guaranteed two hour window today since the appointment last night was missed.  Um… what?  I mean, okay but… what in the world was the appointment yesterday that I came home for?  Pretty sure I thought that was also guaranteed??  Anyways, tonight the cable guy came and was really nice but the poor guy had to replace the entire wire that was blown because the type of wire we were using is no longer even supported – which meant he had to drill a hole into the side of my brick house.  Seriously?!  Why can’t anything just be simple or work right when the husband goes out of town? lol

Once he got everything up and working he had some more bad news to deliver — some sort of leak at the far side of our yard, between property lines, damaged something-or-other and he had to run a large cable across my driveway and across the entire front yard.  But not to worry – another crew will come in a week or two to bury the thing.  le sigh.  Concerned about the leak that the repair guy referred to as ‘a small river’ I texted my husband to let him know…


Yep. Potentially since we moved in … two years ago.  I have no words!! SMH

Typically, the man is brilliant… this time? 



He then explains to me that it’s only bad when we run the sprinklers.  We live in Texas by the way.  I’ll just let that sink in.



By the way, right after this he exclaims that “Boston just hit a home run!” and I snarkily reply “You are lucky you are in Boston”. hmph.

I’ve learned lately that there are several things I’ve been noticing lately that he has already noticed first but decides not to mention to me because I will just get stressed out and upset over them.  Maybe I need to take this as a sign that when I notice things wrong I need to be less dramatic but it’s kind of part of my personality and a RIVER in my yard (albeit is far to the side) seems cause for concern. 

OH WELL I guess if I’ve been unknowingly living with it for almost two years I can handle another week or two while I figure out a path forward.



So tell me, have you recently had one of those SMH (shaking my head) moments while talking to someone? 

Am I the only one who has a tendency to get a little dramatic from time to time??




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