Update: DIY Was it worth it? Faux Granite

I always get asked how my countertops are holding up.. Well 2 years later I still LOVE them!!

I’ve had 2-3 scares with stains and a magic eraser plus some elbow grease has taken the stains out every time. 

We even splurged on updating our old backsplash with white Carrera marble subway tile and the countertops complement the marble gorgeously!! 

Enough talking. Here are the photos you were asking for…


Faux Granite update – still love the countertops!
Faux Granite update – still love the countertops!
A closeup of the countertops next to the marble backsplash


Closeup of the countertops and backsplash!
They are still very reflective!

Another closeup.. I love how they look with the natural light
If you’re curious how the original countertops looked, or how to get this same look check out the original post with a full how to here.



49 thoughts on “Update: DIY Was it worth it? Faux Granite”

  1. This is absolutely amazing. I want to do this! Thank you for updating. We have six in our family and are hard on our counter tops so I always wonder how they hold up with a DIY job. You have totally inspired me!

      1. My question was about yellowing as well. I am using the envirotex to do a kitchen island , and my kitchen gets a good deal of sun. The manufacturer suggested not using the envirotex over a white surface. Does your kitchen get sun? And have you noticed yellow spots?

      2. Hi Carolyn! My countertops don’t get very direct sun… My bay window is in the adjoining breakfast nook. I have not noticed yellow spots at all, including on the portion by the peek through window to the backyard.

  2. I loved reading about your experience apply this these products. I can’t wait to try it myself. I have been waiting for the right products and procedure and you have it! “I’m so excited to start the project, it will be my winning project for the new year. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I have a question for you… Did you remove the stovetop & sink for this? I was wondering how the top-coat butts up against them. Is it thick enough that it shows? Or is it just a thin layer? Would it be better to remove the sink so the countertop edge has a more water-tight seal?

    1. It’s a thin layer and you can’t tell with mine, I just taped vertically all around the sink being very careful while doing so. If you can easily remove the sink that would be best but we had no issues not removing ours.

  4. Hi, Brittany!
    You did an amazing job on your project! I’m planning on doing mine too but I had already purchased a lot of Resin to do the job. I’m going to have cups of colored resin and pour colors to morph into random effects. What I’m researching now, is what colors I’m going to use; it’s a very big decision! I plan on doing sample experimental pieces first to see what happens. I just refinished my cabinets and I can’t wait to have my “new” counter tops next. I have before and after pics of that and I want to pick colors that will look amazing, of course. If you want to offer suggestions for colors, you can see pics of my project.

    Thanks for sharing your project!

    Karen S.

    1. Hi Trena, yes they have! You can tell that it was tile just as you see in the photos but for the cost it doesn’t bother me – way better than what we started with 🙂

  5. Wow, I have to say I’m So impressed with this…most blogs about this have had problems with the finish within the year, it seems. If it lasts 4-5 years, it would be cost effective.

    Considering this for a house we just bought in AZ, the counters are some kind of laminate, but they have a rounded edge, and are about 1 1/2″ thick…you are an artist and a craftsman!

    1. That is a very sweet compliment, thank you!! I did a lot of research before attempting. I always use cutting boards and hot pads so perhaps that has helped them last so long?

      1. Can you tell me how you used the metallic leafs and glitter? Can you post a pic of it? Thanks!!! The countertops are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Hi Lori- you’d like an up close photo of the glitter and flakes now? Unfirtunately I didn’t take a photo during that step (I was rushing) but I simply applied flakes with tweezers prior to dealing with envirotex. The super fine glitter can just be lightly sprinkled prior to the envirotex step as well. Hope that helps!

  6. I am in the process of collecting all the equipment I need to do this project but I am wondering what colour and brand of warm grey primer you used for the base coat?

    1. Hi Heather,

      Unfortunately I don’t have an exact color I just asked Home Depot to tint my primer! Since you’re going to do a lot of layers over it just pick a color you’d like to see as an accent 🙂

      1. Hi Brittany, I finished the bathroom countertop and it looks fabulous. I am so pleased with the results. I ended up flooding with Envirotex twice only because we have a small dip in the countertop profile before it rolls over the front. The sealer tended to settle in the dip and not flow over the front. The service people at Envirotex in California are extremely helpful and she said that I would need to reseal the whole countertop and not just touch up the missed sections because it doesn’t feather in well. I learned a lot from this first project and would certainly re-finsih another surface and know to really push the solution over the edges. I created a horizontal lip of packing tape reinforced by masking tape underneath the front edge to catch the drips so I didn’t waste the product and could use my brush to lift it back onto the front edge. Thanks for your detailed steps of how you did your kitchen. It inspired me to refinish our bathroom countertop!

  7. How did you get around your stove? I have a similar countertop stove and am wondering how I can do this without sealing it in (in case I have to remove it for repairs) but I would also like to not remove it

    1. Kel, I used painters tape around the edges pressing hard to ensure there was a firm grip between the tape and countertop before applying the Envirotex. I pulled the tape while the Envirotex was still wet, but was tacky and had finished leveling. I ended up with a clean boarder around the stove and consider caulking around it for an extra clean line since caulk could be removed in the future!

      1. Thank you!! I was thinking that but had read about having to possible break the epoxy to get it out. But I suppose I can cut the caulking to remove it and not damage the epoxy?

  8. I love the look of these!!! I’m going to try it in my own kitchen, but I’m stumped on one part. With the self leveling top coat how do you put it on the vertical surfaces? I have an attached backsplash that will have to be covered, like on the edges around the wall on your coffee nook. Thanks for your help, I love the look of your kitchen!!

    1. It won’t level the same as a flat surface but we did our backsplash before the flat surface so the excess dripping from the backsplash could just be used on the countertop area. I had luck using a 1.5″ foam brush to help spread it on the backsplash! It isn’t as thick a coat but it made it shiny and protected.

  9. I have tried but it does not work! The first white and silver looks great. But i can’t figure out how to put the Black and Tan. Can you help me! desperate!

    1. So so Sorry for the late response… I had A baby last year and it kept me from the blog just catching up now!!

      In case someone else needs this answer… sponge on the accents in sections of “interest” and don’t worry too much because with the final white layer you can cover anything you don’t like! My favorite sections I only let “veins” of the under layer peek through…

      Did you finish your project? I’d love if you would send photos I’m thinking of sharing a post with everyone’s results as a fun follow on!! Brittany-wells@sbcglobal.net

  10. Oh my gosh— This looks beautiful. We are extremely hard on our surfaces. We have an orange Formica- type countertop that is in horrible condition. The peninsula is huge and one end is curved, along one edge and squared on the other. I love marble, and wanted something that looks high quality without the huge price. This looks like it may be the solution we have been looking for! Thank you.

  11. These are the exact colors I want!! I have been waiting to find a tutorial that I liked, and this one is it! What color tan did you use? Did you actually mix the silver and white paint on the first and last layers?

    1. I had The silver and white next to each other on a paper plate and would dip the sponge in getting some of each color on the sponge – they would naturally mix a little but when it started looking too blended I’d wash and dry the sponge because I liked the contrast! Hope that helps! For the tan.. I cant Find any notes on what the name of the color was, I chose A sandy looking one that pulled more grey tones vs yellow/orange tones.

  12. Hi my name is Monique and this is exactly the type of project that I have been wanting to do except I would like to do it on regular plywood. Do you think that it would work? Doing the painting as you described and then using the sealant? I love what you have done with your countertops, they are absolutely gorgeous! I would love any feedback that you have to give me. My email address is moniquerenee68@gmail.com. thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hello! Sorry this is a late reply I’m not a professional blogger – I think the key would be in the primer you use to seal the wood!! But yes, Envirotex is used on wood. Their site has helpful tips!!

  13. This looks amazing! Ive been doing lots of research on the many different types of epoxy resin available and my biggest concern is that so many of them end up yellowing over time. Ive redone my 70’s formica bathroom countertop in a faux granite using similar technique. It is light in color, much like yours so very concerned about yellowing with the epoxy finish. Had yours yellowed at all?

    1. Hi Stacy, mine have not yellowed … I have Medium light coming in through kitchen windows and use a mixture of lightbulbs. If worried about yellowing I’d make sure to do a thick primer in a cool grey color and to use cooler whites and no beige perhaps? That way all your colors pull cooler? Hope that helps!

  14. Love love love the results your countertops are beautiful my boyfriend and I are going to redo our countertops soon we may try your method

  15. Kudos to everyone that tried this. I am craft challenged and simple glass painting is a challengd for me but I still do it. Thank You so much for posting here as it is inspirational.

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