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Dallas Restaurant Week 2014 – Ocean Prime

I don’t typically venture out on Tuesday nights, especially since it seems to make Wednesdays simply crawl, but yesterday I made an exception to celebrate our good friend Katie’s birthday.  Since Dallas Restaurant week started this month (they now stagger restaurants and there are three weeks of restaurant week with different venues participating each week) we scoured the listing for the restaurant with the BEST menu for week one.  Ocean Prime’s menu offerings won HANDS DOWN for week one. 

Katie worked late, and by the time we made it downtown I definitely had a hunger which was perfect since we extended the three course restaurant meal with an additional starter right off the bat!

Kris (Katie’s boyfriend and our good friend) ordered the Surf n Turf Starter – Scallops with braised short ribs over whipped potatoes.  Splitting it four ways was the way to go, just starting with a few bites of an appetizer while we finalized our menu selections and drink order. 

Their most famous cocktail is called bubbles and berries and is just as fun as the birthday girl herself!

Berries & Bubbles:  Belvedere Cytrus Vodka, Marinated Blackberries, House Made Sour, Domaine Chandon Brut (a.k.a. bubbly) 

It comes with its own presentation where the server makes the cocktail in front of you over dry ice.


And I forgot to mention the dreamy atmosphere…



To begin the restaurant week menu your selections this year were either a Lobster Bisque or a Wedge Salad.  Three of us opted for the bisque (myself included since I’m a huge bisque fan and could’ve chosen the menu simply based on this selection!) and Kris ordered the wedge salad.

Honestly, they came out almost identical to the photos from the Ocean Prime website – although our bisques were in more reasonably sized cups instead of a bowl!



lobster bisque


In the middle of the bisque is a sweet corn fritter that perfectly complimented the slightly peppery soup. 

For the main entrees your selections this year were between a Teriyaki Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, and the Filet Mignon.

We had three orders of the Sea Bass (because… why not??) and I ordered the filet mignon.  I don’t often eat red meat, but when I do I prefer the fanciest cut in the entire house!  What can I say, I’m a Southern girl and I’ve worked at a steakhouse myself back when I was in school.  A tip for ordering the filet mignon if you’re like me and can’t handle meat very rare is to ask for the steak butterflied.  Since a Filet Mignon is typically a thick cut of meat it’s hard to cook it any more than medium without drying it out.  If you butterfly the steak they slice it in half, almost to the end, and open it up – like a butterfly.  It makes the steak thinner so it cooks through faster and holds in all the juicy flavor!  The Sea Bass entrée mirrored their photo online so I’ll picture that one as well:

 chilean sea bass


Chilean Sea Bass served with Creamy Whipped Potatoes, Champagne Truffle Sauce

Filet Mignon  <not pictured> served with Creamy Whipped Mashed Potatoes, Haricot Vert, Cabernet Jus  (green beans sautéed and delicious dark sauce)

And after all that eating you think to yourself there is clearly no room left in me whatsoever and I’m going to need to ask for dessert to go!  But after listening to the server describe their award winning layered carrot cake you know you are going to have to have at least one bite!  The carrot cake for restaurant week comes out exactly like their standard carrot cake (pictured) except it’s only 5 layers instead of 10… but honestly, who can even fit that much into their mouth at one time??!  (I know I know! That’s what she said… TWSS, SMH)


Ten Layer Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and Pineapple Syrup


All in all it was one of the best meals I’ve had and lived up to the hype!! For a special occasion I’d definitely consider this place in the future.

And a BIG Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Miss Katie!!!!


So Questions for YOU!

Do they have restaurant week in your area?  Do you participate each year?

Have you ever been to Ocean Prime? What did you order?