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Flashback Fridays – A Bachelorette Bash

A Flashback to February 2014 for Ashley’s Bachelorette party – co-hosted by myself and the amazing Miss Nicole.

Or as we called it, “Ashley’s last night out as a Hooker”.

Wait, before you get offended… it’s not what you think!  REALLY!!  Her maiden name was actually Hooker. 

Sheesh, you guys! 


Anyways… the play by play…

We gathered at Dee Lincoln’s Bubble Bar in Downtown Dallas (because hello Champagne on tap, why not?!) where we took over the upstairs crystal loft room. 

dee lincolns

Armed with champagne in hand and all sorts of appetizers we presented the Bride to Be with a Panty Poem!  Basically, this is a tradition where each girl brings a panty… and you present them to the Bride to Be in poem form! 

Here was our version for Ashley:


{if you’d like the files I used I can send them to you, just leave a comment – but FYI I used PicMonkey to create mine!)

  Panty Poem 1

Panty Poem 2

Panty Poem 3

Panty Poem 4

Panty Poem 5

Panty Poem 6

Panty Poem 7

Panty Poem 8

Panty Poem 9

Panty Poem 10

Panty Poem 11        

Make absolutely sure that whomever takes the last spot in line gives some amazingly fabulous grannie panties – laughter is KEY when she opens this one!!!

Oh yeah… and someone thought it would be funny to slip some of these into the gift area!!!


After lingerie opening and sipping champagne we were warmed up and ready to jump in our Uber cars (like a Taxi only better) and head over to Pete’s Piano bar.  Pete’s is SUPER fun on any occasion, but especially when they cater to bachelorettes!  There’s professional dueling pianists on stage and you have to get there early to secure a good spot. 

We made sure we were near the front – and brought SIGNS my sister Carlee helped me get printed out at Staples.  This was too fun – I’ll let the photos do the talking from here.

signs signs2



you suck









mr duck
“What tha DUCK?!”

All in all I’d say it was a successful Bachelorette Party.

Oh yeah… and I left out the random quizzing throughout the night… we had Saer (Ashley’s fiancé) answer some ‘Newlywed Game’ questions and if Ashley couldn’t guess his answer right she took a shot 😉

Some of my favorite answers from Saer were:

“If you could get rid of anything in Ashley’s wardrobe, what article of clothing would you dump?”

A:  “Nothing, she has great taste.” <— smart man!!

What is the one song you like but will never admit?”

A:  Waltzs

::puzzled faces::  what?!

Well, Ashley sure didn’t get that last one – but we had a blast nevertheless!

What do you think is the most important part about throwing a successful bachelorette party??  Please share!!




Flashback Fridays – Ashley’s Engagement Soiree

Today’s Flashback Friday will be a quick look back at November 2013 when we threw my amazing friend Ashley an engagement party.

Ashley’s fiancé (now husband) ‘s name is Saer (pronounced Say-er) so we thought that a super cute theme would be:

“Ashley and Saer, Love is in the Air!”


It almost makes you want to throw back to your high school jams list and bump some “Put your hands in the a-yerrrr if you’s a true play-errr”

We found a local Pizza Place called Palio’s that is BYOB and had a large room where we could throw the party.  Ashley loves pineapple and this place makes a killer pineapple cashew salad with house dressing!  It was a self serve buffet and we brought mimosa ingredients since it was a day time gathering.



VERDI is a green grape sparkling wine that is a summer staple for my friends and I.  If you like a drink that’s sweet, light and refreshing you should try it!

And for dessert we made a Pinterest Inspired cupcake rose dress! 




The two LOVE BIRDS (part of the theme – see the little bird accents around the table?!) seemed to have a fantastic time!!





And so much thanks to our great friend Nicole who was my gorgeous co-host!!!



Then Jackson made away with my GIANT BAG of wedding magazines I passed along to Ashley so she could start her research 😉