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A DIY Sunburst Mirror – for cheap!!

I’m so OVERLY EXCITED to share with you today a DIY I got from Pinterest that did not let me down!

I’d been eyeing sunburst/starburst mirrors forever but at $200-$300 a pop it just wasn’t in my new house budget.  Then I stumbled upon a pin of this image under DIY on Pinterest…

sunburst mirror


Modern, fun… and, oh my gosh – did they say it is made of POSTERBOARD?!! CHEEEEEAAAAPPPP!!! ::happy dance::

I was able to grab a few colors of poster board, used some E6000 glue (my all time favorite crafting glue), and bought a 5-pack of little black circular mirrors from Home Depot.  A few hours of my time later and LOOK AT THEM!!!!


The flowers… look at the SUNBURST MIRROR FLOWER THINGS… not my husbands shoes all shoved under his side of the bed, which sadly I did not notice until reviewing these photos later on this blog… err…


I absolutely love them.  Now I just need to replace that rinky-dink lamp on my side of the bed… it doesn’t even emit a pretty light.  I believe it was a solid $15 at Hobby Lobby and I used it on my night stand all through college but it’s time to upgrade man.  I’m searching… I need two matching modern style lamps for each of the night stands, that way I’m not always the one stuck turning off the light at the end of the night.  Plus it’ll look more symmetrical and balanced.  But that’s the next update, those of us without pocket books just take one challenge at a time – and if we’re lucky we substitute an amazing piece of paperboard art for the need of a $350 sunburst mirror!  I feel like it filled up the walls of our master bedroom so well!  And no one ever believes me when I tell them what they are made of… they have to walk over to the wall and touch it themselves. 

The how-to is over on a blog post from The Nester – and I highly recommend it 🙂


Have you found any DIY’s on Pinterest that have becoming an overwhelming success?  Something I should try?

What about a Pinterest FAIL?? Do share!!! We all have them!!





Getting Back in Touch with a Lost Art

When I was a kid I loved art.  I’ve found multiple papers saved away in boxes that my mom kept of stuff I did and made in grade school that say “artist” for what I wanted to be when I grew up.  For Christmas, I would beg for large art kits full of water colors, pencils and oil pastels.  For birthdays I would ask to have my party at a Paint n’ Party where each guest chooses something to paint that they can then take home.  I just love it.  Unfortunately, it’s not exactly the most lucrative career path and I’m lucky enough to love a lot of things.  I followed my geek-y math loving side through college and into my current career as a Reliability and Systems Specialty Engineer, but after 40+ hours a week of formulas and pareto charts I find myself longing for creative outlets. 

Finally, about two years (nearly) after moving into our house I have had a few blissful spare moments to catch back up on things that inspire me – like painting! 

After searching far and wide for an extra large painting with the right coloring in a modern style to complement our family room and being unsuccessful (well – unsuccessful within our budget for the piece of art, there was a $10,000 beauty I loved at an art show we attended, but don’t exactly roll that deep!) Mike convinced me to paint a large canvas myself.  I was super nervous after investing all the money in the canvas and paints – what if I messed it up!!  It’s so… large.  Then I told myself there is beauty in any imperfection and I just went for it.

painting 2edit

Having not painted anything in quite some time I was pleased with the outcome – it fills up the blank wall and ties in the colors of the family room, what more could I ask for?

This one painting bit me like an addiction – I had to paint some more.  So within the same week I drug out some watercolor paper, brushes, cups of water, paper towels and I went to work adding this funky abstract for our master bedroom:

watercolor 2

(sorry for the glare!)

And toyed around with some bright flowers…

watercolor 1

And recently came up with the idea to give paintings as a gift.  My younger (middle) sister Mari recently moved into a new place.  I wanted her new place to instantly feel like home so I wanted to paint things that she loves.  Well, she also recently adopted a new puppy named Buddy so he became my inspiration for the painting! 


He was a rescue dog and is always happy and full of life.  I painted him in a field of sunflowers (Mari’s favorite flower) to capture the happiness he exudes when he sees you!

buddy and sunflowers

And finally, the latest painting is one for my best friend since her birthday is coming up next month… Amanda is a pro-women’s soccer player as well as a coach and also loves her dog, Xena. 

xena 2 xena 1

Xena is a spoiled princess and basically Amanda’s child so I hope she’ll be excited when I frame it and give it to her as a gift! 

xena watercolor

I’m still a little rusty but I am so happy to share this creative passion with others!!

If you have anything that brought you tons of happiness as a child it’s never too late to go back to that passion and hobby – you may be surprised at how quickly you fall right back to it.


What’s something that you love to do when you finally find the time?  Were you a painter as a kid?