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The time my kitchen smelled like Italy and I drank red wine

Sometimes you get bored of “go to” meals and for this I LOVE to browse Pinterest for inspiration. I usually pin recipes that look interesting as I see them and then visit my “recipes” tab later when I need one. If I loved the recipe or edited it I try to update my pin with comments.. When I remember to 😉

So browsing the Pintrosphere for inspiration I came across THIS pin for Italian Baked Chicken. I roughly followed the ingredients and process featured here in an attempt to end up with THIS for dinner:


I started out with similar ingredients to what’s mentioned in the original recipe, with a few alterations to what I had on hand.


And last minute I sliced half an onion not pictured because Mike is an onion aficionado and I was hoping they’d add additional flavor to the chicken breasts!

I cut my three large breasts in halves so they cooked more evenly and the dish was easier to serve.
The photos really are self explanatory…







And YES during/after baking your kitchen begins to smell like Italy.. especially once you add the fresh basil at the end!!!

We just served ours over some garlic & avocado oil noodles


Definitely salt and pepper your chicken breasts, and I added layers of my favorite Italian seasoning blend. Mine took ~30min to almost cook, which is when I added the cheese on top and popped back into the top rack of the oven on broil until the cheese bubbled and browned.

Overall it’s a fairly light, fun meal – and perfect with a glass of red wine after a long hard day!!


If you’ve been keeping up with my posts then you already know I love wine.  (If nothing else, follow the link for the photos… world’s largest glass of wine??)


Questions for YOU!

What’s your favorite red wine?  Do you pair wines with your food or find yourself simply favoring a few, select bottles?

What’s your current method of recipe pinning and sharing on Pinterest?